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Combine the pleasure of sailing with the yacht or relaxing on the beach shore
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Cubykayak site is a real developments in the sit-on-top kayaks leisure. Thus, cubykayak is perfect solution and Yacht Owners.

Cubykayak offers the opportunity to discover places that can not be reached with yacht. For example, a cubykayak is ideal for exploring bays, beaches or places difficult to access all on a yacht owner certainly would like to know.

In terms of reliability and size, classic kayaks will seem awkward and will launch a challenge in terms of their carrying on deck.

CubyKayak, our revolutionary kayak, sensed the true needs of these professionals or lovers of this sport and came up with the solution.

Net weight below a classic kayak will not give you headaches when you have to lift the deck, and that is removable, being able to transform into cube is essential strength.

For a purchase of a yacht owner cubykayak comes with many Benefits:

  • You will not have problems regarding boarding the yacht kayak.

It takes one man to bring on board the kayak because it can be removed in a cube and can be carried back.

  • Because much smaller dimensions compared with a kayak usually store a lot easier cubykayak.
  • Another issue, perhaps most importantly, CubyKayak will give you the opportunity to launch and recover it from the water as soon as possible.

Weight and how it can be packed and unpacked the swiming platform are elements that make dinferenţa between a through waves in just 2 minutes and launch a kayak classic which takes much longer and can even create difficulties because of the size and weight.

You will not have anything to lose when you chooseCubyKayakto accompany you in < strong> wonderful sea travel. You will enjoy a new way to spend time at sea, new sensations and an extra adrenaline, all this came without fuss and without accidents on the deck or stairs when you need to move the kayak.

Good wind all!

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