Cubykayak removable in -a cube

Versatile and practical, easier and safer than 2 configurations, storage is low

Driveability, %95
Direction, %80
Stability, %95
Speed, %75

All our concepts and products is based on the philosophy “Take Apart Design”. Cubykayak break traditional boundaries kayaks with a innovative design and functional, an excellent year yield and lower weight. Cubykayak site represents a true evolution in sit-on-top kayaks leisure.

-a Removable cube in Size 140x59x36 cm fits into the trunk of a car of medium size and pote be transported as equipaj plane, subway, train or can be used as a backpack. Cubykayak site is ideal for those who own a storage is low and for those who do not want to be complicit with its transport.

About CUBYKAYAK Details

Canoeing solve the problem of transport and storage properties without losing a conventional kayak. In addition, it is much easier and stable. Installing and dismantling in seconds. Also, an advantage of cubykayak is important is that it can turn into double by adding tandem.

Accessory More details.

To enable simple tandem cubykayakul need to add a middle section (cabin) and a section of the union called “connect 2″

Adding Speed ​​Kit algungeste bow section and to speed navigation.

Accessory to aumenta load capacity up to 135 kg.

Cubykayak with Latin sail , sailing the high seas from wind .

It may incorporate a system for fishing side.

Enjoy the water with a bit of adventure and unruly passengers. If until now had to choose targets solo or tandem kayak with cubykayak not have this dilemma. Choose the combination that suits you . Depending on the sections may be used to add one, two or three.

For an owner who loves luxury yacht, rafinmentul and good taste, a cubykayak is perfect, innovative design and functional as it comes to satisfy the most discerning tastes.

So for a yacht owner, seeking new hobbies, but also discover places less conventional purchase would be a perfect solution cubykayak.

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